Manual of God Realization

Practical Manual for God Realization (Draft Copy) – Version 1.0

(Complete Selfless Love for God)

Each step of this manual is mandatory and has specific purpose. From next paragraph onwards, each word will be there due to its need. Hence reader must read same words again and again as there will be no repetition of words or ideas. This manual is at draft stage and will undergo changes. So visit this page once a month to get updated manual.

Create Conditions for Right Environment

Step 1: Awareness of Death

Without this, no great right effort is possible to improve “after death” life. Reflect continuously on below books for a month and maintain this awareness entire life.

  • The Great Treatise On The Stages Of The Path To Enlightenment Vol1 Chapter Mindfulness of Death.(Divine Source) – Make notes and recollect once in morning.
  • Reclassified Version of Sumiran Karle Mana of Shri Kripalu Maharaji. ( Divine Source) – By Heart this and recollect every 3 hours.

Step 2: Remove Limitations of Mind

If your mind thinks it is impossible to

  • Meditate 14 hours plus per day.
  • Reach 24 hours meditation state without need for sleep naturally.
  • Experience Bliss higher than anything on earth.

Then you have not experienced the miracle of the 3 factors: Right Effort, Right Method of Meditation and Right Environment for Meditation. Do Vipassana 10 Day course(Divine Source). Visit If you experience bliss during the course, you have Right Effort in you. Congrats! Now after this bliss experience in just 10 days, you know that if get Right Method (of Bhakti) and Right Environment, complete mind purification will take place leading to final grace. Now you realize that the level of Right Effort required for complete mind purification, is no more than the right effort required to become a highly qualified doctor, C.A, Athlete etc provided Right Environment and Right Method exist. This Right Effort when carried out daily will change into Great Effort like 22-24 hours per day leading to the Great Grace.

Create Conditions for the Right Method (of Bhakti)

Step 3: Know the Nature of God and Guru

Unless we know a person’s nature, we cannot love Him. So read

  • “Need of a Guru” paragraph of Karma-Yoga and Bhakti-Yoga by Swami Vivekananda( Divine Source)
  • Gaurang 1923 by Shishir Kumar Ghosh ( 1st Kripa avatar of Radha Krishna) (Partial Divine Source)
  • Leelas of Kripalu Maharaji in Sadhan Sadhya Magazine( 2nd avatar of Gaurang) (Divine Source)
  • Saint Shree Pran Gopalacharya Glorification of Shri Kripalu Maharaji during Bhakti Mandir Inauguration ( Divine Source)
  • Saint Jayadev Biography from Bhaktamal By Nabadas ( Divine Source)
  • Kripalu Maharaji as Gaurang article in Bhakti Piyush Dhara of Rasheshwari Didi Orissa. (Partial Divine Source) Currently Not available.
  • More will be added for Radha and Krishna Nature.

Step 4: Decide your selfless loving relationship with Radha Krishna

Romantic Relation with Krishna – Gopi, friend of Radha – Sakhi, maidservant of Radha – Manjari. Find what sewa are performed by each of them in Golok and decide your relation based on your liking of sewa. Glance over below books to get an idea of sewa.

4.1 Gaur Govind Leelaamrit Gutika by Siddha Krishna Das ( Divine Source) ( commentary Shri Ananta Das Babaji  – astayam lila chintan  Manjari Bhav emphasized but also describes Sakhi sewa. This Gutika has created large number of God realized saints and Radharani herself appeared instructing Krishna Das to write it.

4.2 Govinda Lilamrita by Sri Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami ( Divine Source astayam lila chintan  ) – Manjari Bhav

4.3 Vilapa Kusumanjali by raghunath Goswami ( Divine Source )(commentary by Shri Ananta Das Babaji ) – Manjari Bhav (For normal lila chintan in swarupavesha)

4.4 Radha Rasa Sudhanidhi ( Divine Source ) ( commentary by Shri Ananta Das Babaji ) – Manjari & Sakhi Bhav (For normal lila chintan in swarupavesha)

4.5 Utkalika Vallari. by Sri Rupa Goswami( Divine Source ) ( commentary by Shri Ananta Das Babaji ) – Manjari Bhav (For normal lila chintan in swarupavesha)

4.6 English 3 volume Prem Ras Madira, Braj Ras Madhuri 1,2,3 , Yugal Shatak, Yugal Ras by Kripalu Maharaji( Divine Source ) ( For kirtan method)

4.7 More names to be added later for Sakhi and Gopi Bhav.

Step 5: Find God Realized Guru of your chosen Bhav.

If you surrender to a Guru, then just follow the Guru instructions. Ignore this manual.

5.1 Shri Kripalu Maharaji (VSK represents Him) – General focus on All Bhav and more focus on physical sewa.

5.2 Shri Premanand Babaji – Sakhi Bhav

5.3 Manjari Bhav Guru – Will update later.

5.4 Deferred Guru – See next step.

Step 6: Deferred Guru.

If you cannot find a guru then learn to practice anything in an expert way (read 6.1) and then practice methods in Step 4 books based on your chosen bhav after reading your bhav related books in this step. Follow a combination of Kirtan, Astayami Leela Chintan and Normal Leela Chintan method and Radhey Name with each breath and feeling presence of Radha in heart all time watching our actions and giving grace or punishment based on our thoughts.

6.1 Peak_ Secrets from the New Science of Expertise: This book explains how to efficiently effectively practise. Apply it to practise bhakti methods.

6.2  Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Raganuga Bhakti by Swami Mahanidhi ( Manjari Bhav) : This book systematically explains the how and why of leela smaran method.

l. Contemplating the benefits of hearing the teaching

The Verses about Hearing (Śruti-varga) in the Collection of Indicative Verses (Udana-varga) says:71
Through hearing, phenomena are understood,
Through hearing, wrongdoing is overcome,
Through hearing, what is meaningless is eliminated,
Through hearing, nirvana is attained. [21]
Just as someone dwelling inside a house
Enshrouded in complete darkness
Has eyes but does not see the forms that are there,
So, also, a person born of noble lineage
Although possessing intelligence,
Does not know until told
What is virtuous and what is not.
Just as one with eyes
Sees forms by using a lamp,
So through hearing what is virtuous and what is not,
You will understand what should be done.

Also, the Garland of Birth Stories (Jataka-mala) says:72
Through hearing, you become faithful
And your delight in virtue becomes steadfast;
Wisdom arises and delusion will vanish
This is worth buying even with your flesh.
Hearing is a lamp that dispels the darkness of delusion,
The supreme wealth that cannot be carried off by thieves,
A weapon that vanquishes the foe of confusion;
It is the best of friends, revealing personal instructions, the techniques of method.
It is the friend who does not desert you in times of need,
A harmless medicine for the illness of sorrow,
The supreme battalion to vanquish the troops of great misdeeds,
It is the best fame, glory, and treasure.
It is the supreme gift when you meet with noble beings.
Among an assemblage, it delights the wise.

The result of hearing is to engage in substantive practice;
You will be released with little difficulty from the fortress of rebirth.
Develop enthusiasm from the depths of your heart with regard to these benefits of hearing.

Moreover, Asanga’s Bodhisattva Levels (Bodhisattva-bhumi)73 says that you should  listen with five ideas in mind; that is, with (1) the idea of a jewel, due to the fact that the teachings are rare because buddhas seldom appear nor do their teachings; (2) the idea of an eye, since the wisdom that arises together with hearing the teachings becomes greater and greater; (3) the idea of illumination, since the eye of wisdom that has arisen will see the real nature [emptiness] and the diversity [of all phenomena]; (4) the idea of great benefit,since in the end the teachings bestow the results of nirvana and great enlightenment; [22) and (5) the idea of being beyond reproach ie the idea that what you will hear is beyond criticism , is perfect., since from this very moment you will attain the bliss of meditative serenity and insight, the causes of nirvana and great enlightenment.
To contemplate this is to contemplate the benefits of hearing the teaching.